Josiah R.

-Training since February 2013

-Decreased body fat percentage by 4%

-Increased bench press by 30 lbs.

-Went from not being able to run a mile to training for his first half marathon this


Twelve Training

Amy J.

-Training since May 2013

-Dropped 50 lbs. and 8 dress sizes

-Decreased half marathon time by 13 mins.

Nicki D.

-Training since Aug 2013

-Dropped 20 lbs and 4 dress sizes

-Committed to a lifestyle change of healthier choices

 Teresa V.

-Training since May 2014

-Dropped 12 lbs and 4% body fat

-Fits into jeans she hasn't worn in almost 2 years

Jody C.

-Training since May 2012

-Dropped 40+ lbs.

-Decreased half marathon time by 45 mins.

-Competed in 2013 fitness competition

Molly Z.

-Training since March 2014

-Dropped 9 lbs and decreased body fat percentage by 3% in 3 months 

-Went from dress size 12 to size 8

Power Under Control

What clients are saying:

Brittany is legit. She is a trainer who really listens to, and helps you achieve your goals. The workouts are tailor-made to help me get the results I am looking for, at a challenging, but attainable pace. She is very flexible and goes above and beyond to accommodate her clients.  I have been consistently going to workout with her for a few months now, and everyone I know is already commenting on how tone I look! That's is completely thanks to her! Highly recommend!

-Priscilla M. 

I have now been trained by Brittany for 3 years! I have never stuck this long to a program. It took me 30 years to actually find a work out that I enjoy going to. I hate running and I hate group classes and I am terrible at working out on my own. Twelve Training has given me results and made me a healthier person. Her schedule is flexible and I love the small group training sessions that you work at your own pace, no pressure at all, but a great work out. Thanks Brittany!

-Chloe S. 

I started working out with Brittany a year and a half ago.  I have always been a person that works out often, so I thought I did a good job of keeping myself in shape. After attending my first class with Brittany I was hooked and couldn't wait to go back.  I was "in shape" but Brittany has pushed me to do so many different types of workouts and I always feel a huge sense of accomplishment when Ieave.  Brittany has helped me push myself more without being in my face.  She offers modifications to make workouts harder and easier as needed. I just had a baby (worked out with Brittany until week 39) and had to have a c-section.  I was walking within 15 hours and have had a very good recovery.   I think this is because Brittany has gotten my whole body stronger.   Today is 6 weeks after the c-section and I get to go workout with Brittany.....I am SO excited.  I think anyone would enjoy and benefit from working out with Brittany, I certainly have.

-Jacki H.

Brittany knows how to work with beginners. She really takes the time out to discuss your personal workout goals and encourages you throughout your session. Regardless of how out of shape you may be (like me), she will work with you and you'll definitely learn how to get on track to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

-Esther C.

I was introduced to Brittany and her group training class by a friend.  Let's just say I am not one for training, my idea of exercise was running or doing yoga which even then I slacked off more times than I did.  I did not do any sports or weight training before and I am not the most coordinated.  I have 2 left feet when it comes to doing anything that require coordination.  But Brittany changed all that for me, firstly she is my role model and I hope my daughter will be like her.  I admire the fact she is a strong athlete who has played various sports.  Most importantly, I like working out with Brittany because mentally and physically I feel great even amidst a few aches and pains (more aging than exercise :-) I like how she allows me to set the pace but she pushes me to challenge myself as well.  She is very encouraging and positive in her approach, very easy to talk to - we chat about anything and everything.  I feel like she is a friend cum trainer.  I look forward to our training sessions and never dread going for one as I used to.  As I see myself achieving various milestones in my physical training my mental well-being has definitely been boosted as well. I feel like I can conquer the world :-) Thank you Brittany.

-Vijaya S.

I remember my first group class with Brittany. Our circuit included box jumps and I had this mind game going on with myself. I was convinced I could not put both feet on the box and that I'd inevitably fall and make a fool of myself. Did I ever stumble? Yep. Can I box jump with the best of 'em today? Yep. I have been frequenting Brittany's group classes on and off for two years, but it was not until a year ago where I took control of my diet and shed some real weight. Brittany has taught me about nutrition, strength training and how the scale is not the best indicator (she taught me about my body fat and I now own a self measuring tool at home). Brittany pushes you when you need it most, and has an eye for when you are working extra hard. I love our group classes so much that I bought five one on one sessions with her and now have some workouts I can do on my own in my gym. I used to be SO shy to go in and lift weights because there were always very muscular dudes and trainers in the weight room. Today, I feel much more confident, even as I am still on my "get fit" journey. Sometimes results aren't visible right away (since nothing happens overnight and because I know I need to be more consistent), but I actually FEEL stronger. Even on my recent vacation my suitcase got a "heavy" tag and it felt light to me...must mean I've built up my strength. :) Brittany is simply THE BEST!

-Hyam E.

I watched my brother train with Brittany for over a year before I finally broke down and decided to try her out for myself. He and I have very different body types - he's big and burly, and I'm, well...not. I had seen him grow and his outlook on life change as he made those sunrise trips to the gym and honestly, I started to want that for myself. I had my first session with Brittany in October 2015. It is now January 2016 and I'm still training with her. Being my own toughest critic, it's hard for me to see physical changes in myself but now I notice I can push and pull more weight around - a lot more than I used to. Brittany is big on pushing physical limits if you agree to it, so naturally I try to test my own boundaries and then push against them until they move. No pain, no gain might be ridiculously cliche but to be fair she also asks how you're doing after each set to make sure you aren't going to pass out. If you need a moment to catch your breath, you get it. Brittany trains with you, not ahead of you or above you. I've already recommended her to a bunch of my close friends and I can't wait until we're all working on that fitness game together!

-Linzy J.

I have been training with Brittany McCoy here and it's been a life changing experience. She's been focusing on strength training and pushing me to the limit. I have been to other gyms before and I can honestly say she knows what's good for you and she keeps track of your progress as well. Health is Wealth  and I can say my Health is getting back on track thanks to Brittany...

-Adil K.

I was introduced to Brittany through my sister who currently works out  with her as well. I'm very skeptical on choosing a trainer since I have fracture shoulder as well as a fractured pelvic. I get very nervous lifting heavy weights , but with Brittany  that is the last of my worries. Her knowledge and experience working with people who have injures is Beyond Great. I will continue to workout with her even when my package is done. Thank you Brittany for making me feel comfortable.

-Ninweh Y.

I started working with Brittany in January and am completely HOOKED!   I have worked w/personal trainers before.  And my one complaint in the past has always been that what they do with you 1:1 is hard to remember/repeat on your own. But Brittney is completely different.  As a competitive athlete and coach, Brittney's attitude is much more akin to a "Personal Coach" than a "personal trainer".  Not only does she create custom workouts  that are tailored to my level when we are together, but she graciously provides me with a 'weekly routine' for me to follow in between.   It has enabled me to see faster results and really stick with it.  I have lost 2 sizes in 90 days and feeling awesome.  And a nagging elbow injury....GONE.   She is magic! Thank you Brit!!! On a side-note, Evolution Fitness, where she is currently training,  is the "Gym I would build if I had a giant basement"!  It has so many different apparatus that I have never seen in a 'big box gym'.  Really cool and fun stuff to work out on.   Both hard-core athletes will appreciate but, do not be afraid if you are not gym rat.    It is very common to see Mom's with kids & us middle-agers working out there right along side Ms. Universe.  This place will make you look and feel like a winner!

-Paula L.

Brittany is one of the best . She works so hard and tailors all our personal training sessions to my needs . She has helped me become stronger , leaner and more confident in my abilities!

-Molly Z. 

I love working with Brittany! She makes workouts fun and challenging. She is always encouraging. When I started with Twelve Training, I was such a beginner. Brittany made it easy for me to transition. She pushes me to be the best I can be!

-Nicki D. 

Mediocre seems to be the norm these days, so when you find someone who truly excels at what they do and totally cares about it, they are definitely a keeper! I had done about a year of Personal Training sessions in the UK before moving to the USA and there was simply no comparison. Brittany is far and away a superior trainer.  She is knowledgeable, informed, professional and excellent at what she does. She also lives it, as evidenced by her own excellent physique. Brittany pushes me to achieve more than I ever would by myself but also knows when to change it up if I am just not strong enough to achieve a certain exercise. In these instances, she is knowledgeable enough to substitute something which works the same area but is achievable. A lot of trainers push you too hard or don't have the training or education to push you at all, Brittany is the best of both worlds. There is always something new to master and her positive and encouraging attitude helps me immensely. I really like the gym that Brittany works out of, everyone is friendly and it is very family friendly and welcoming, unlike some I have been to. Brittany has also helped with my nutrition plans and given me extra exercise plans for when I have been on holiday (sorry, vacation!). Brittany goes above and beyond and I thoroughly recommend her.

-Victoria N. 

I have been training with Brittany since May of this year. Brittany is awesome! She pushes me to do more than I think I can every time I work with her. She seems to know just what I am capable of and always encourages me to do my best. Her workouts always vary and she makes it fun, keeping things interesting and challenging with just the right amount of push and pull...I feel very fortunate to be able to work out with a trainer as skilled and knowledgeable as Brittany. If your looking for someone to take you to the next level in your overall fitness goals, Brittany's your girl!!

​-Teresa V. 

I started working out with Brittany/ Twelve Training in February as a "New Years" resolution to get back to working out. I'm not new to working out with trainers, but I must say that Brittany is the best one I've had yet!  I really like the straight up motivation and encouragement. She's very flexible with my schedule and can always do me in on the day I want. I also love the reminder texts I get the day prior. The style of training is crossfit. You never do the same workout.  This way your body gets to use all it's muscles and challenges every time. I've actually seen results in my strength and endurance. I still have additional goals to achieve and I know I can get there with Twelve Training. I also like the atmosphere of the gym as well. It's not pretentious as some of the elite facilities. It's large enough to have a lot of variety of equipment as well not be so busy that you are stepping over other people.  I never knew there were so many things you can do with a work out in addition to just weights!  Great place to come if you are looking to get fit and stay fit!

-Kira R.

Brittany worked with my daughter and several girls on her U13 soccer team as a group training class over the winter. Brittany was great working with the girls and fostered a friendly and competitive atmosphere. She motivated the girls to work hard and they had fun. She provided good core strength and acceleration training that has made a remarkable difference in my daughter's performance. Highly recommend working with Brittany.

-Frances A.

Brittany has been great to work with. We feel challenged at every workout and eager to return. In the short time we have been working with Brittany, I feel a tremendous difference is my strengh and endurance. I would highly recommend her!

-Peggy S.

My daughter and a number of her soccer teammates were referred to Brittany for winter strength and conditioning training. My daughter took to this like a duck to water in group sessions as well as one-on-one training. Brittany was great with my daughter and all the girls enjoyed the tough workouts with a smile on their faces. The lessons learned will be useful over a lifetime. I was able to ask her specific questions about training and injury avoidance and Brittany took the time to give knowledgable and lengthy responses. We highly recommend Brittany as a personal trainer to athletes young (and old)!

-Joseph M.

Trainers are one of those things that you don't realize you have a bad one, until you have an opportunity to work with someone who really pushes you and motivates you. I've had the opportunity to work with Brittany for over a year and a half.  When I started I had run a half-marathon and was training for a marathon.  I had even worked with a trainer that I found on craigslist.  I was 'healthy' or so I thought.  She taught me so much about nutrition, lifting, and all-around health.  She hasn't just told me what to do, but rather guided me in developing the skills and mindset to continue to life a healthy lifestyle. Many times I've looked at my monthly budget, but I know that not working with her isn't an option.  I'd rather make other sacrifices.  Even after all this time, it never gets boring.  There are days that it's hard and I may not feel like coming into the gym, but there has never been a day that I regretting showing up.  Brittany always has a way of flexing her style to match my needs each session. I've read the other reviews, and I've actually seen everyone's progress first hand.  Their feedback is spot on.  It's not that she is just one of the good ones...she's one of the best.

-Jody C.

Brittany is a tremendous trainer. My coworker introduced her to me, and it's made working out challenging and fun. No two workouts are ever the same and the new space allows her to create more unique exercises for her clients. She's very friendly and professional.

-Michael H.

Working out is always difficult but since Brittany became my trainer, I've enjoyed working out. I always feel like I'm being challenged and body has been pushed to its limits and I have and feel major results. I have more energy and my body has gotten stronger. She is supportive and understanding of my own time constraints. She works with my needs and encourages me when working out gets tiresome or when my body gets lazy. I've gotten to know Brittany (and vice versa) and its a plus to have someone to listen to me while working out. Brittany is an excellent trainer!

-Sarah V.

I had not worked out or done very much physical activity for about 8 years prior to working out with Brittany at Twelve Training. I also worked out in tandem with my girlfriend. Brittany was able to customize our workouts so that they never got boring, accounting for the different skill/strength levels of my girlfriend and I, and evolved over time as our skills/strengths improved. Additionally, when I began working out with Brittany I weight 191 LBS. For my first few months I exercised just twice a week for an hour and still ate horribly. I definitely was not listening to Brittany when it came to my diet. I could feel myself getting stronger, but wasn't shedding much weight. I finally decided to listen to what Brittany had to say and within 3 months I went from 187 to 160, still exercising just twice week for an hour. If your in this to have fun, not get bored, deal with a nice person, and get results, this is the place for you.

-Istvan F.

Brittany is amazing! She pushes her clients just the right amount to allow them to utilize training time to its fullest. Brittany is personable and authentic. Her workouts have variety and go by quickly. The studio where 12 Training is based out of is also a fun workout environment and family friendly. She is also very accommodating and flexible with individual schedules.

-Becky B.

I have been a client of Brittany's since Feb '13 and the difference between her and other personal trainers is that she emphasizes the 'personal'. She makes it a priority to develop a relationship so that you know she cares about your progress and your well-being. Her knowledge of nutrition and diets have helped me extensively. I travel a lot for work and she has accommodated my schedule by developing routines that I can manage while on the road. She is tough but she isn't the drill-sergeant type, and I am always anxious for my next session with her because I'm challenged mentally and physically, but never more than she knows I'm capable of. I highly recommend Twelve Training to those looking for something a lot more substantial and personable than your typical X-Sport meathead while still accomplishing your fitness goals and becoming the best looking (and feeling) you-you can be. A combination of sport conditioning, ply-metrics, cross-fit techniques, and standard weight lifting makeup a daily routine under Brittany's guidance. I've worked with benchpresses, weighted Stair climbs, squats, box jumps, weighted sprints, ropes, etc. LOTS of different types of equipment that you might only find more premium fitness facilities without ever having to wait for a machine. The best trainers are the ones that look the part, and are equally concerned with being healthy and Brittany's credibility can be seen and heard upon meeting her. She practices what she preaches which is why I trust her advice as a trainer. Seven months is a long time to pay for a personal trainer, but I know that I'm getting my money's worth every time I walk through the doors to work with her.

-Josiah R.

Brittany is great. I've been working with Brittany for about two or three months and I've definitely noticed that I have gotten stronger. She's always positive, encouraging and the variety of the workouts are the best! I've referred her to friends and they all have continue to see brittany because she makes everyone feel comfortable. I look forward to continue working with Brittany!

-Lily P.

Brittany is a great trainer. My first experience was good. She changes the workout routine every time. I never enjoyed gyms because the personal attention is not there.  I was intimidated because I did not know what to expect. Brittany makes you feel welcomed and works with you to feel comfortable.  I enjoy the workouts and her level of expertise as a trainer.

-Gaston R.

Brittany is very professional, friendly, and pleasant to work with. She has a very easygoing demeanor, and is very approachable. I worked with her for about three months prior to my wedding and was really happy with the results I achieved in an admittedly short amount of time! Each workout was different, which I really liked. I definitely left the gym feeling surprised at my own accomplishments! Brittany will work with you to customize a program to your goals and will give you the support and information you need to get there. I'd highly recommend her for anyone looking for a trainer.

-Trina A.

Brittany may or may not realize it, but I literally owe her my life. Ok that may be a bit dramatic, but I owe her something more than a thank you or a review could ever justify. I first started working with her in August of 2012. I had been planning my wedding for over a year and wanted to lose those last stubborn 10 lbs. No matter what I had been doing on my own, they were not budging. Brittany worked with me to tailor a custom workout program and educated me on the importance of nutrition. What, 30 mins on the treadmill won't erase a night of binge drinking? That being said, we lifted weights. Heavy weights. She pushed me to lift and pull things that I never thought I'd be able to do. I lost those 10 lbs plus some. I continued to work with her when I was back from my honeymoon because I really liked the direction my body and mind were heading in. I worked with her through May of 2013, and my body changed so much I was able to compete in a fitness show! Because of her, I made postive healthy changes in my diet and exercise program that I continue to maintain, and I've finally built a body I am proud of. I couldn't have done it without her. The only reason I am not still with her is because I moved an hour away!

-Kristen P.

If you have been sitting on the coach thinking about getting fit, or looking for a great customized fitness training regime, you can't do better than Brittany. I was the client starting from ground zero and now I look forward to working with my trainer. Brittany creates customized workouts based on your needs and as others have stated, she mixes it up so workouts are varied each time you visit.  The facility has tons of equipment for cardio and strength, and you will use it! Jumping, climbing, running,  lifting - you will do it all! Brittany is patient and encouraging and she will push you to do things you never thought you could, but at the same time she assesses where you are at and doesn't set the bar so high that you feel like a failure and don't want to come back. Also her clients are a diverse group - super athletes, recent moms getting back into shape, 20 - 30 somethings men & women, and older clients as well, so whatever age you are or fitness level, you won't feel like you don't belong. She works with your schedule and is super flexible. Brittany will make you sweat and you will feel and see results with her rigorous workouts!

-Pam G.

I have been working with Brittany 3x's a week for a few months and it's been the best decision I've made this year. The workouts are always challenging and I have definitely seen results. I am stronger and more fit than I have ever been. Brittany is flexible in scheduling appointments and accommodates any special needs I have. Brittany is easy to talk to, very encouraging and an extremely creative trainer...Just when I think I've worked every muscle I have, she rolls out a new routine. I would encourage anyone looking to improve their health to check out Brittany and Twelve Training.

-Monica M.

I have worked side by side with Brittany for close to 2 years. During that time she has grown and developed her own business from the ground up. She works closely with her clients to ensure they adopt proper nutritional habits and show up regularly for their workouts. She is professional and punctual. Easy to talk to and very understanding. Her workouts are tailored to fit the abilities of the individual. Whether it's intervals, heavy deadlifts, or front squats, Brittany will put you through the ringer, each time you come in to train.

-Mike S.

Brittany takes the time to create exciting workouts that challenge me each week. I have never done the same workout twice! We use kettle bells, hammers, tires, boxes, free weights, bands, jacob's ladder, stairs, squat racks... you get the point. TONS of different style equipment. Not only have I dropped over 30lbs, but I have gained strength and confidence in myself. Brittany has a very personable approach with great knowledge. She is an excellent trainer for both a beginner or an advanced athlete.

-Amy J.